About Kimberly Yow, SocialCRO Owner

My Marketing Journey

Back in the late 90’s and into the new millennium, I owned and operated a gift business. I wore multiple hats, as most small business owners do, and one of the things I was in charge of was marketing. Starting Kimberly Yow, San Diego Internet Marketing & Online Reputation Managementat square one, I had to learn how to market my business, create a website, implement search engine optimization techniques, write & distribute press releases, participate in early forms of social media, publish online articles, etc… You name it, I researched it and then learned to effectively implement it for my business.

Family members took notice of what I was doing to market my business online and the knowledge I was acquiring. In wasn’t long before a couple of my family members asked for my help in marketing their individual businesses, and I gladly obliged. After that, my sister introduced me to Sheri S., a top network marketer.  Sheri contracted me to improve her online image and increase her visibility in search engines and across the internet through various online marketing strategies.  The rest, as they say, is history!

That was years ago and I have long since closed my gift business. Today I am very happily helping other entrepreneurs and business owners market their products and/or services online and helping them build a solid 5 Star Online Reputation.

I am very passionate about marketing technology and all things internet. Being able to share my passion, as well as my knowledge and expertise, with other business professionals, is especially gratifying for me!

Kimberly Yow

Testimonial from Sheri S.
(the network marketer mentioned above)

“Kimberly has performed numerous Marketing Services for me. She regularly does proofreading and editing, writing and blogging for me. She has written my website content, press releases, spotlight interviews, coupon verbiage, etc… The Send Out Cards service that she represents is awesome. Kimberly worked with my personal assistant to set-up automated greeting card campaigns and she is always just a phone call away whenever we have a question. Kimberly has also created numerous niche websites for me. All of her internet marketing activities have worked wonders for increasing my positive image on the internet.

I highly recommend Kimberly for any internet marketing tasks that you need help with. She is creative, reliable, very knowledgeable and a talented writer.”

Sheri S., CEO/Entrepreneur
Carlsbad, California