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Why You Need A Mobile Website

One of Google’s search engine ranking factors is whether or not a website is optimized for display on mobile devices.  They have stated that they prefer “mobile responsive” websites but having a separate “mobile optimized” website is also an option.

Why does Google want you to have a mobile responsive or mobile optimized website?  Because they know the following:

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  • In 2018, users are expected to spend more time on mobile devices than they will on desktop computers
  • Over 60% of smartphone & tablet owners search for local businesses on their mobile devices
  • Over 40% of mobile users do not trust companies without mobile websites

Mobile “Marketing” Is More Than Just Mobile Websites

Having a mobile website, or a desktop site that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, is just one form of mobile marketing.  The cutting edge trend of mobile marketing includes the following:

  • Mobile Coupons – There are various types of mobile coupons that can be generated but the most fun for end-users has to be a mobile scratch off coupon.  Well on a mobile device the user doesn’t scratch the coupon off, they rub off a teaser message with their finger or a stylus to reveal the coupon underneath!
  • Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs – These are programs that offer a mobile user a discount, freebie or other special offer once they’ve checked-in to your business a specified number of times or purchased a specified amount of youMobile Marketing | San Diego Mobile Marketing Companyr products/services.  Similar to a loyalty punch card but much more convenient for your customers since they always have their smartphones & mobile devices with them.
  • Mobile Advertising – This includes banner advertising on mobile websites and mobile pay per click ads that display in search results alongside organic results.
  • SMS Marketing – SMS (Short Message Service) marketing, or text message marketing, involves communicating with and engaging your audience on their mobile devices.  You can text the following to your customers and prospects once they’ve opted in to your SMS list:  coupons, product alerts, appointment reminders, surveys, contest info and so much more!
  • Mobile Apps – A mobile app, or application, is software that runs on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.  A mobile user’s favorite apps take up valuable real estate on their smartphones and are usually front and center.  If your business has a useful or entertaining app that people will want to download, an app can help your business stay top of mind!
  • QR Codes – A QR code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional bar code that can be scanned with a mobile app.  QR codes can be used to display information, redirect the user to a website or special offer, capture a user’s contact info or send a text message to a specific number with a predetermined message such as “send me info”.

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