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9 Lesser Known Twitter Tricks Including Twitter Connect & Discover

Per Twitter, their social networking website has 100 million users.  If you are one of the 100 million and you only know the basics of using the site, then this blog post is for you.  Today I came across an article on that explains 9 lesser known ways to use Twitter including:

  1. Posting photos to Twitter from a 3rd party photo sharing site
  2. Creating a photo gallery using hashtags
  3. Saving your “favorite” tweets/posts (similar to bookmarking a web page)
  4. Using power searches to refine your search results
  5. Using keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate Twitter
  6. Cross-posting a tweet onto Facebook using a hashtag if you are logged in to both Twitter & Facebook
  7. Using Twitter via text messaging (people can even follow your Twitter account without a Twitter account of their own)
  8. Using a hashtag to find tweets that link to longer articles, blog posts, pdf documents, etc…
  9. Using the Twitter Connect button to easily see who is interacting with you & the Discover button to find tweets of interest

To learn more about each of the above features & how to use them, I encourage you to click “Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter” to read the full article on

New Features Including Twitter Connect & Discover (#9 above)

Watch the video below to learn about Twitter’s new layout coming soon to a computer or smartphone near you.

You can also visit for screenshots and links to download the new Twitter version for iPhone and Android.