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4 Ways To Post To Facebook Fan Page From Mobile Phone

How Busy People Find Time For Updating Their Facebook Fan Page

One way that busy people can work in a little time to post an update on their social media pages is by posting via their mobile phones.  I’m not suggesting that you use your phone while driving, in a meeting or spending time with family or friends.  What I am suggesting is that you can probably find a few minutes here and there between appointments or some idle time while standing in line at the post office, etc…  Perhaps you can use these idle moments to post an update to your social media pages or respond to a comment or question that a fan/follower/connection has posted.

With the above in mind, I’m going to share with you a few ways to post to your Facebook fan page via your mobile phone.

Post To Your Fan Page From Your Mobile Phone

Below are several ways that you can access your Facebook fan page while on the go:

  1. You can use your mobile phone to emailMTE-fan-page-on-mobile photos & status updates to your fan page by sending them to the email address that is associated with your fan page.  To find your fan page’s email address, go to the settings for “Mobile” in the Edit Page section of your Admin Panel.
  2. I have a phone that uses the Android operating system. Using it and the standard Facebook app, I can navigate to one of my fan pages using the Menu and then click on “Update Status” or “Share Photo”.
  3. You can also use the “Pages Manager” app for Android phones to update your page’s status, share a photo, post an event, etc…  (I believe the iPhone also has a similar app called Pages, Pages Manager or perhaps Facebook Pages.)  I know from experience that the standard Facebook app and the Pages Manager app have slightly different functionality and display content differently so you may want to try both apps to see which will work best for your needs.
  4. If you can download the Hootsuite app to your phone, you can use Hootsuite to post on your fan page “as your fan page”. Hootsuite will also allow you to post the same info on to multiple other social media profiles at the same time. (Hootsuite is my preferred 3rd party provider for posting to social media sites, etc… however other providers such as TweetDeck most likely have the same functionality.)

Another Way To Make “Mobile” Social Media Posting Easy

If you find content that you’d like to share on your social media pages, save it to Evernote (or a similar content clipping service) or send it to yourself via email.  Then next time you find yourself standing in line or waiting for someone to show for a meeting, pull up the content from Evernote or your email…and post it to your Facebook fan page or other social site.

For the last few months, I’ve been focusing on filling would be wasted moments with productive work…I actually wrote this blog post while at Starbucks killing time between meetings.  You may not have a laptop with you while you’re on the go, but you probably have a smartphone so you may as well use it to be productive and do a little social media “marketing” for your business.


Why You Need A Facebook Business Fan Page

Facebook created Fan Pages (a.k.a. Business Pages) several years ago so users could use Facebook for business purposes without promoting their business on their personal Facebook profiles AND alienating their friends.  A Facebook fan page allows a user to keep their personal posts and their business posts completely separate and to control who sees what by adjusting their privacy settings.

What You Can Accomplish With Your Facebook Fan Page

Different types of businesses will have different goals for their Facebook Fan Page.  Some of these goals might be to:

  • Create a dialogue with people who’ve “liked” yourSocial Media Conversation & Engagement fan page
  • Provide increased visibility for your company, professional association or charitable organization
  • Capture leads with opt-in forms and fan page “like gates”
  • Answer questions that your fans or “likers” have posted  (doing this will allow you to showcase your expertise)
  • Attract new customers, members or donors by allowing them to know, like & trust your entity

Fan Pages are a great way for your company, business or group to be seen by Facebook users which currently totals over 1 Billion!  If your business is like most, it will be important to provide useful tips and information on your fan page that will position your business as an industry expert.  The beauty of this is that when readers find your posts valuable, they will start seeing your business as a beneficial resource and they will sub-consciously start selling themselves on your service or product.

How To Pre-Sell & Stay Top Of Mind Via Facebook

You need to stay in front of your Facebook fans by regularly posting on your fan page.  If you do this and you successful engage with them, your fans will have you “top of mind” and they will think of your business when they have a need for your offerings.  They will also recommend your company when they hear of someone else that needs your product or service.

The bottom line is that, by providing your FacebookAttract & Retain Customers With Facebook Fan Page fans with helpful, valuable information, you are pre-selling them.  That’s wonderful because when they contact you they will already want what YOU have to offer!  In general, this type of person is not price shopping…when they call you, they are ready to make a purchase or retain your services for a solution that you recommend.

If you do not have a Facebook Fan Page yet, I would seriously consider having one set up IF you feel that your target market is using Facebook.  And, if you have the resources needed to successfully maintain and manage a fan page at least several times a week.


Custom Facebook Landing Page: Why You Need One

A custom Facebook landing page can take your Facebook presence to the next level and help you get new prospects, customers, subscribers and more!  Take a look at the example custom Facebook pages below to get ideas for how your business could benefit from a custom Facebook landing page.

Example Custom Facebook Pages

  1. sell an e-gift or other product/service:  Starbucks
  2. engage fans with a game:  House – example 1
  3. post a quiz:  House – example 2
  4. get more fan page likers:  Oreo – example 1
  5. post a poll and/or solicit fan comments:  Oreo – example 2
  6. provide a coupon:  Oreo – example 3
  7. link to specific website pages:  Oreo – example 4

Other Uses for a Custom Facebook Page

You’ll notice that landing pages typically utilize custom graphics, a company’s logo, their standard business color scheme and possibly other branding elements.  In addition to the uses shown in the examples above, custom landing pages can be used to:

  • display a video, Twitter stream, RSS feed from a blog or website, etc…
  • capture newsletter subscribers
  • display content that someone will only be able to see AFTER they click the “Like” button for your fan page (this is a way to get more “likers” or provide exclusive content)
  • provide contest information and an entry form
  • etc…

Before You Create a Custom Facebook Landing Page

A precursor to creating a custom Facebook landing page is to determine goals for your Facebook business page.  Once you’ve done that, you can strategically create & use a custom landing page(s) to help you accomplish your Facebook social media goals.

You can have multiple custom landing pages (like the Oreo examples above) that visitors to your Fan Page can view but only one can be the default page that people will “land” on if they:

  • are not logged into Facebook
  • are logged in but haven’t “liked” your page yet

You can change which page is your “landing” page any time you want and as many times as you want so unleash your creativity and make Facebook help you accomplish your social media goals!

Post Your Questions

If you have a question about creating or using a custom Facebook page for your business, feel free to post your question in the comments section below.