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Social Media Revolution – The Video

Social Media Is Not a Fad – It’s A Revolution

I recently attended a networking luncheon and the speaker showed the above video.  The creator of the video, Erik Qualman, made the original video back in 2011 and has since created at least 3 updated versions.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the video is pretty cool.

The statistics you’ll see in the video about social media usage may startle you!  They may even impress you.  But what do the stats mean to you and your business?

  • Do they mean that you need to be using Social Media for your business just because millions of other people are?  Not necessarily! 
  • Do they mean that you’ll be successful with Social Media Marketing if you jump on and try it?  No, they do not!
  • Do they mean that perhaps you should consider Social Media Marketing as a way to interact with, engage, inform and/or inspire your target market and customers?  Yes, most definitely!

So, sit back and relax…watch the short video and contemplate how Social Media Marketing might impact your business.  Then, give us a call if you’d like to discuss whether Social Media is right for your business and how to use it effectively and efficiently.




How To Connect Online & Get More Social Media Invites Accepted

Have you ever received an invitation via email that says, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”? Or maybe one that says, “(person’s name) would like to be friends on Facebook”?  In general, how do generic social media invites like that make you feel about the person that sent the invite?

Common Response to Generic Social Media Invites

I’ve received many of these types of social media invites and if you’ve been participating on social media sites, I’m sure you have too.  Actually, even if you aren’t on social media sites yet, your friends and colleagues have probably still sent you similar messages.

If you’re like many of the people who receive these types of generic invites, you probably don’t take the time to respond and you simply ignore or delete the invitation.  What many people don’t stop to realize is that by sending other people a generic social media invitation, they are ruining all chances of connecting with that person.  It is in their best interest, and yours too, to avoid generic social media invites.

A Better Type of Social Media Invitation

So, what is the alternative?  What can you, as someone who sincerely wants to connect with other people, do differently?

Social Media Invites & Making More Connections

Make More Online Connections By Sending Better Invitations

The answer is…get personal.  Take the time to write a personal message to anyone you are sending a social media invitation to.  My philosophy is that even if I know someone well…and I know they know me by name…I still take the time to personalize my invite to them.  The invite doesn’t have to be elaborate in this type of situation but just something that shows you took a few extra seconds to connect on a personal level.

Note:  About the only time I break my own rule/philosophy is if I’m sending an invite to a family member.

Example Invites To Send To People You Know

Below are a few example social media invites that you can tailor to your situation:

  • “Hi (person’s name), I just found your profile on (xyzSite) and I’d like to connect with you. Take care, (your name)”
  • “Hi (person’s name), I know we are already connected on (xyzSite), but I’d like to connect on (abcSite) also.  Take care, (your name)”
  • “Hi (person’s name), I can’t believe we aren’t already connected on (xyzSite). Hope all is well. Take care, (your name)”

Example Invites To Send To People You “Don’t” Know

For people that you don’t actually know, below are a couple of invitation examples that you can personalize to fit your style and situation:

  • “Hi (person’s name), I just found your profile on (xyzSite) and I see that…
  • …we both know (name of a common friend/contact).  I’ve know (common friend) for about ___ years and he/she has really helped me _______ (or, is great at ______).  I’d like to connect with you here on (xyzSite) and see what else we might have in common. Take care, (your name)”
  • …you (are interested in…or involved with…or specialize in…or work for, etc…) ______.  I too am ______ and I’d like to connect with you here on (xyzSite) so (we can stay in touch…or I can follow your status updates…or whatever your reason is, etc…).  Take care, (your name)”

Benefits You Will Reap

Taking a few extra seconds to personalize your online social media invitations will benefit you in the following ways:

  • you will most likely leave a better impression of yourself (consciously or unconsciously) in the mind of the recipient
  • you will dramatically increase the number of people who accept your social media invitations
  • you will have taken that all important “personal” first step to establishing a business relationship or referral partnership

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on the above ideas?  Do you already personalize your social media invitations?  Please leave your comments in the box below.

Happy Online Networking!