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Is Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System Helping You Close Deals?

There are many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems on the market and finding one that’s right for your business can take some time.  I recently spent quite a bit of time researching and testing several CRM software systems because I wanted to find one that met my needs better than the one I was using.

How To Increase Efficiency & Productivity by Linking Email & a CRM System

I ended up finding a cloud based CRM system that at first seemed a bit overwhelming because of all the features and functionality it has.  After working with it for just a short time, I can see how this system is going to benefit my business.  The longer I use it, the more ways I find to use it to increase my efficiency, productivity and bottom line.  For instance, the CRM system I’m now using allows me to do the following from within any email that I receive:

  • know whether or not the sender of the email is already in my CRM contact database
  • add the sender’s basic contact info to my database with “one click”
  • store the message that I’m reading in my database…attached to the sender’s contact record (accomplished with just “one click”)
  • add a task or a deal/opportunity in my database and attach it to the sender’s record

And, my new CRM system “automatically” creates a task for me that reminds me to review my new contact’s information in the database and add any additional info that I want to keep track of.

Close More Deals With An Effective CRM System

The above features immediately made my work day a bit easier and more productive!  And because I now know at a glance “who” I need to follow-up with and “when” I need to follow-up, I find that I’m closing more deals because of my timely follow-up.

What CRM System or Method Do You Use?

Do you have a CRM system for keeping track of contacts and who you need to follow-up with and when?  Do you use CRM software, a cloud computing CRM solution or a paper system?  If your system was better, do you think it would improve your bottom line?  Please chime in with your comments below.